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May 22, 2023 7:11:09 PM 5 min read

External Factors Affecting Practice Valuations

Are you leading an independent practice and considering your options and alternatives for ...
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Apr 14, 2023 1:29:50 PM 11 min read

Methodologies and Processes used in Valuation of a Medical Practice

A recent American Medical Association (AMA) survey suggests that physicians today are ...
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Oct 14, 2022 1:17:13 PM 6 min read

Frustrated with Your Practice Performance? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions!

I’ve heard it said that every organization is perfectly designed to generate the results ...
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Sep 8, 2022 10:12:49 AM 3 min read

Challenged by the Current Employment Market? Think differently!

Whether staffing for growth or simply to maintain, many healthcare organizations today ...
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May 17, 2021 2:47:44 AM 7 min read

“They Told Me That Our Practice is Worth…”

Ask yourself these 5 important questions before accelerating discussions with your ...
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Apr 6, 2021 11:43:19 AM 7 min read

Is Your Personal Life Plan Aligned with Your Practice Lifecycle? Key Success Factor For All Practices

You have worked hard to build your practice. For years, you have deliberately focused on ...
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Mar 12, 2021 7:37:33 AM 4 min read

Five Reasons Practices Hire Third-Party Advisors to Assist in Their Sale or Exit

Once the decision to sell a physician practice is made, the owner or group leader faces ...
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Feb 11, 2021 7:16:12 AM 5 min read

Is This the Right Time to Sell or Retire?

You’ve been actively practicing for many years. You’ve watched contemporaries retire, ...
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Jan 18, 2021 3:53:27 AM 4 min read

6 Focus Areas for Increasing the Value of Your Independent Medical Practice

The right time to think about maximizing the value of your medical practice is long ...
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Dec 1, 2020 6:54:03 AM 6 min read


In previous articles in this three-part series, we’ve discussed the relevance of ...
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