Jessica Roe, Credentialing Manager Apr 5, 2023 3:59:03 PM 3 min read

PECOS 2.0: Medicare's New Enrollment System Set to Launch Summer 2023

Medicare has announced plans to launch PECOS 2.0 in the summer of 2023. While they have not released an exact date, there is much excitement surrounding the new system. PECOS is Medicare’s Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System and is used for enrollment. The new system promises to make enrollment significantly easier and faster, which will benefit all enrollment and credentialing specialists.

The following is a list of the changes expected to be included in PECOS 2.0 (CMS PECOS 2.0 FAQs):

•    Fast applications using pre-populated information 
•    Applications tailored to you 
•    View and manage all your information in one location 
•    One application updates multiple enrollments 
•    Simplified group management 
•    Fast and easy revalidation process 
•    Track the status of your applications in real-time 
•    Streamlined new design and workflows 
•    View all letters and notifications in one place 

The ability to update multiple applications at once will be an immense help to large groups and organizations. This will allow individuals to submit updates for multiple PTANs instead of going into multiple files in order to update items like ownership and managing control information, billing addresses, and EFT information simultaneously. PECOS 2.0 will also submit consolidated applications to each of the MACs at one time, rather than having to submit separate applications to each.

Another exciting improvement of PECOS 2.0 is a feature that will allow MACs to view applications in real-time when an individual calls for assistance. Currently, MAC enrollment departments have a different screen view, which can cause communication issues. 

While there will be many changes in the new system release, some things will stay the same:

•    There will be no changes in MACs
•    Login information will remain the same
•    Connections will not change
•    All current PECOS enrollment records will be transferred into PECOS 2.0

Medicare will be adding new information about PECOS 2.0 to their site, as well as in upcoming MLN Matters, so stay tuned to for more announcements as the launch date approaches!